Visa, insurance & health


This information assumes you have a British Passport. Your passport must have at least six months duration remaining after the return from our holiday before expiry. As with visas for both Laos and Cambodia, it can be cheaper to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport rather than in advance from the embassy in the UK.

However, we ask you to obtain your Laos visa in the UK. We realise that getting two visas in advance (for both Laos & Cambodia) can be inconvenient, so please get your visa to Laos in advance and you are free to obtain Cambodian visa either in advance in the UK or on arrival depending on what is convenient. You will need two passport photographs to get a visa on arrival in Cambodia at a cost of approximately $30.

Cambodia has also recently launched an online visa system, although we have no experience of this as it is relatively new.

Thailand (no visa required)

You do not need a visa for Thailand. Your UK status entitles you to upto 30 days in the country on each visit without a visa. This means that when you return to Thailand from Cambodia you will get another 30 days free entitlement.

Laos (visa required please get this in advance)

Visa cost in UK approx £35. It takes approximately two weeks to process but can be longer. Please obtain this Visa before travel. The Laos embassy in London can process a visa for you. In essence you need to complete an application form and present passport photographs. You can obtain a visa without needing to know your hotel name. You can apply by post and need to enclose a cheque or postal order. Please note that you usually must travel within 60 days of the visa being issued, so please apply for this about one month before travel. The contact for the Laos Embassy in the UK is below.
Email: or call 0207 402 3770. Please contact them and they will give you the necessary information and forms.


Please note we cannot advise on insurance. It is your responsibility to obtain insurance that covers all aspects of this tour. You will need to bring your holiday insurance details, including policy number and emergency telephone number on this holiday. In some locations local agents may offer adventure sports such as white water rafting. These activities fall outside the remit of this tour, and we take no responsibility for your safety if you decide to participate in them. If you would like to take part in any adventure sports it is advisable you have proper insurance.


Please visit your travel nurse for advice on vaccinations and other precautions to join this tour. We cannot advise on health matters.