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Holiday to Peru, watching the stars

Our domed observatory in the Andes

Our domed observatory in the Andes

For all those booked on our journey to Peru this August (departing 6th) we hope you are looking forward to the experience. Along our journey,?we’ll be venturing far from the tourist trail and staying in the?Andes, at 11,000 feet above sea level.?With no?light pollution and?near?Colca?canyon (twice the depth of the Grand?Canyon) together with an active?volcano in the background, our stay here will be dramatic.

At?this altitude the air, being so thin and clear, has?become?popular?with astronomers. Our hotel?has been chosen as it has an?observatory and?powerful telescope.

We’ll take you inside the tower where on clear nights you can see Saturn and its rings,?as well as,?quite spectacularly, Mars with the naked eye. The?next day we’ll take you to walk inside Colca Canyon. Here you’ll be surrounded by the flights of condors.

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