Booking flights

Booking flights to Nepal is relatively easy, we can also help you. Most flights depart from HEATHROW or Gatwick airport but there are flights via Manchester. Please note the following:

Your destination airport is KATHMANDU.There are NO direct flights to Nepal. Many flights are via either India (e.g. through Delhi) or the Middle East (e.g. Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Doha). Transferring from one flight to another is usually a simple matter of being guided to a transfer lounge with cafes, shopping, toilets etc before boarding your next flight. It also gives you a break.

With the time difference you will normally arrive in Nepal the following day

Please see our website ‘Itinerary in Detail’ page for dates to book your flights. You may want to arrive a day or more early to relax after your long flight or stay on longer after the tour. We arrange free airport transfers for you whenever you arrive and can book extra night(s) accommodation at a good price. Please note that your free transfer back to Kathmandu airport after the end of the tour is available up to 3 days after the tour end date.

Airlines include Air India, Jet Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Virgin & China Eastern.

Typical flying times (approximately) are:

London to Delhi 8hrs, then connect to Delhi to Kathmandu 1 hour 25 minutes.

London to Bahrain 7 hrs then connect to Bahrain to Kathmandu – 5 hrs.