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Holi – holiday to Nepal

Holiday to Nepal

Holiday to Nepal

In a few days Nepal will come alive with a celebration of Holi – known as the festival of colour: this celebrates the coming of Spring. Here is a picture of what it’s like, where a Sadhu (a holy man) participates – even the Sadhus in Nepal are a very friendly bunch – and like to laugh. Hindu calenders are Luna and Holi will coincide with the full moon. ?Coloured powders made from turmeric to tie dye – purples, yellows, oranges, blues and so on, are thrown over everything and everyone. Driving your motorbike through Kathmandu is a game where you ride as quickly and as irrationally as possible to avoid children throwing colour over you. They’ve got clever this year and set up road blocks where they wait excitedly around corners. ?Such are the delights of a holiday in Nepal.

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