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Founder, Angel Holidays Steve Carver Founder, Angel Holidays

Steve is a broadcaster, writer and adventurer. His programmes for Radio Four and the World Service have included travels through India to tell the story of the Enfield Bullet motorcycle, ‘Dancing round the Mediterranean’ to report on the lives of gentlemen dance hosts on a cruise liner, features on the Parsi tribes of Bombay and travels to Egypt with the current Lord and Lady Carnarvon to re-trace the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen. In more recent light-hearted documentaries for Radio Four, he’s worked as a courier in ‘Touring Round Torquay’ as well as a window cleaner in ‘Confessions of a Window Cleaner’. Steve’s experienced life as an apple picker in his Radio Four ‘Round’ series: ‘Picking Round Apples’ and a car delivery driver in ‘Trade Plating Round Britain’ (broadcast June 2013). In a more recent programme Steve tells the story of life as a modern day chimney sweep.  BBC Radio 4 Extra – Steve the Sweep

Steve’s explorations have taken him on an expedition in search of evidence of Yetis, as well as being the first person to traverse the entire coastline of India, mostly by motorbike. His programme to investigate the plight of Asian vultures facing extinction led to international moves to protect the species.  Steve enjoys comedy too, and has presented Radio 4’s two part documentary on the history of Welsh comedy, and written comedy for radio and television. His play ‘Average’ was staged in London. In his most recent expedition, Steve rode his motorcycle solo to Mustang, high up in the Annapurna Himalaya; the first European to do so. He also writes for the Sunday Times as well as other travel magazines.

A message from Steve

Thanks for taking time to read this, and I really hope you decide to join us on what will be a thrilling journey and one you’ll never forget. Nepal is a fascinating country and seems to have every type of terrain imaginable. The country’s south, is mainly low lying jungle; rich and fertile with a tropical climate and wild-life to match! Central Nepal consists of large and verdant valleys; rich in culture and ancient traditions, and the North: epically mountainous, snow-capped and rugged: out of the world’s ten highest peaks – Nepal has nine of them. Match this with some of the most hospitable people on earth, and a visit to Nepal is supreme.

Our tour to Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia has proved extremely popular, with the right balance of adventure, comfort and a great variety of experiences.  We take some extraordinary boat trips to unusual locations and maximise your time in the region – unlike many other companies who focus just on basic sightseeing and try to pack too many countries in. There’s free time to explore, too.

Our road trip through Rajasthan is classic India at its best. It includes camel riding and a nights’ camping in the desert. Old cities, remote traditional villages, as well as unusual historic accommodation all combine to enhance the experience. The Taj Mahal, Udaipur – the most romantic lake city in India, a stay in the spectacular citadel of Jaisalmer rising out of the desert, as well as special access to the Exotic Marigold Hotel, make this trip unforgettable.

Our tour of Vietnam gives you a comprehensive experience of this 1,000 mile long country – seeing some extraordinary landscapes, exciting cities and, above all, meeting its varied, wonderful people.  The trip starts in atmospheric Hanoi before taking you through some remote hamlets, a cruise on Halong Bay, the Imperial city of Hue, a train journey over the Hai Van pass, the beautiful historic town of Hoi An, the canals and rivers of the Mekong Delta and Saigon. You can also spend some time on the beach!  This whole trip utterly fabulous.

We’re a specialised company and offer an individualised and friendly service. We don’t operate tens-of-tours per year, so that you can be sure we put 110% into your journey with us. We’ve put together some wonderfully unique and competitive packages (compare what we offer with others – our length of stay and activities).  I could go on about the magic that awaits you on our tours for pages and pages! But for now thanks again for looking at this site, and we’d love to take you with us.  Angel Holidays is a growing company with offices in several countries in Asia.

Our Exotic Marigold experience is now in it’s third year, giving you the chance to have the experience just like the TV show and movies. It’s also been covered in the Sunday Times.

Riding the Bullet

In his first programme for the BBC, Steve Carver travels to India to tell us the story of the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle and those who have a love for it.