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Kieth Floyd



We’d like to celebrate the life of Keith Floyd, a chef with an abundant personality  who made cooking on TV much more interesting. Born in 1943 and passing away at just 65, he is missed; a maverick, flamboyant, warm personality, that never played to the camera, but instead simply talked and enthused us, with a constantly replenished glass of wine.


Keith, was a trail -blazer, someone who took the genre into a new, exciting and simply lovely direction. His cooking was simple: prepared ingredients from chopped onions to cardamom, and chucking it all in, with his debonair and overzealous style. We loved it.

TV cookery shows, from the Hairy Bikers to Nigella, are all about enthusiasm and character, something Keith had in abundance, and way beyond the pale. Keith died after drinking champagne to celebrate his medical results whilst fighting bowel cancer. A lovely man.


The Puskar Camel Fair – just gets better…

Puskar Camel Fair, India

India, and our tour this November will include the Puskar Camel fair; the largest coming-together of camels on earth. In fact, we’ll be visiting on the opening (and best) day. Over 20,000 camels and herdsmen will come to the event, in a celebration of nomadic desert culture with games, races, funfairs and trading in these wonderful animals – the sight itself is extraordinary.

We’ve 5 places left on this Indian tour, that includes camping in the desert, the remote citadel of Jaisalmer, the Taj Mahal, romantic Udaipur, remote villages, palaces and so much more – with ‘Angel’ you have much more of a local experience – it’s a road trip like no other. If you want to come, please let us know soon. All you need is a £200 deposit and your place is secured.


Retired? Come live the Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience.

Angel Holidays & the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In the Spring of 2019 Angel Holidays is hosting The Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience where retirees will come to India to see what retirement would bring.

This 20 day experience has been developed with the BBC team who produced the ‘Real Exotic Marigold Hotel’ with Miriam Mygoles, Wayne Sleep, Jan Leaming and others. You’ll stay in the same city where the BBC series was made and have many of the same experiences.

We’re now collecting names of those interested, in order to put together a complementary group of people for this once in a lifetime experience.

The trip cost is just £1,595 & flights, reduced to only £1,495 for those who have ‘liked’ this page. So if you’d like to know more, and to be considered, please contact us and letting us know (Click ‘Contact Us’ above). It promises to be a quite and unusual life experience.



The Exotic Marigold Hotel

This morning our group are leaving the biblical blue city of Jodhpur and going to the Exotic Marigold Hotel, used for the movies with Judy Dench, Bill Nighy and others. In fact, Angel has a another connection with this film as Jidy Dench’s brother has been on one of our holidays.  As one of the first lines in this trailer suggests, coming to India with us, ‘It’s going to be extraordinary. You could be coming here with us next November, if you take the plunge and book. Check out our Facebook page and scroll to ‘video posts’ for an idea of our current group.


Tour Laos & Cambodia, some video clips

Thanks to Nigel Wheeler and wife Jacqui (who is also a professional artist of note), for some traveller’s video clips from our tour. These are just snippets, and even Nigel admits, he quickly put them together, but he’s done a wonderful job in giving you a taste of the fun, the colour and sense of remoteness from the outside world that we had on this trip. Merry Christmas, Angel Holidays.


Holi – our 2018 Tour of India

Holi – an uplifting and colourful festival

Our tour to India 2018: when we reach the desert citadel of Jaisalmer, that rises out of the desert like something from Arabian Nights, it is likely to be the brightly coloured festival of Holi .  The festival celebrates the power of good over evil and is also known as the ‘festival of love.’

Unlike standard tours, we’re sleeping two nights inside the castle itself, so you’ll have a fantastic view and experience in the warm desert sun. It might be wise to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting colour on. This also represents a fantastic opportunity for photographers.  We still have a small number of places if you might like to come. Contact us above for details.


Rajasthan – an exploration

Udaipur, a place we visit
Udaipur, a place we visit

In November this year we’re planning a three week exploratory trip to the desert state of Rajasthan, India. This will be used to develop a fixed Angel Holidays tour for the future. We’ll visit some unusual locations, some used for documentary making, and have experiences beyond that of ordinary tourism. If you like adventure and are a flexible traveller you may want to join this trip.

Unlike a usual tour, the specific itinerary will not be available until shortly before departure. However, starting in Delhi our route will take us past the ancient traders’ town of Mandawa, colourful Birkener on the edge of the desert, the evocative citadel of Jaisalmer on the far west of the Thar desert, the ‘blue city’ of Jodpur, the romantic lake city of Udaipur and Agra home of the Taj Mahal. This itinerary is flexible and we may add some other locations on the way.

Without a specific itinerary or duration for each stay, this may be better suited to previous Angel Holidays’ travellers who know what to expect from our less superficial way of travel. Others are welcome too if they have an adventurous spirit. In some locations we’ll enlist the help of local guides, in others you’ll be given free time to relax and explore.

There will be varied accommodation; from rudimentary (but clean) guest houses to old palaces, comfortable hotels and a nights’ camping in the desert. Expect a few surprises too that you usually see with the ‘Angel travel experience.’

The trip cost will be competitive; around £1,490 for three weeks which includes all accommodation and transport. Return flights to Delhi are not included but start at around £390 – which we help you find. This is a wonderful opportunity for a comprehensive, authentic experience of the region, at a competitive price.

Needless to say, you need to be a flexible and positive traveller. All you need is to book your return flights to Delhi and we’ll pick you up from the airport and do the rest.

If you would like to join our mail list for further information, please email us on the ‘How to book’ page of this website. This promises to be a really fabulous experience. We look forward to hearing from you.


David Beckham, Holiday to Nepal

Becks on holiday in Nepal
Becks on holiday in Nepal

David Beckham visited Nepal today and played football in Bhaktapur, an old town 10 miles from Kathmandu. Despite being a remote part of the world, some young people did recognise the name and the kids loved playing football with him. David’s visit to Nepal, was watched by those on holiday to Nepal too, much to their delight.


Our 2015 journey

Holiday to Nepal
Holiday to Nepal

After savouring the delights of the jungle, we have now moved on, via the old Tibetan trading post of Bandipur and to Pokhara – up in the Annapurna region of the Himalaya. Those willing from our group went on a half day trek today into the lower Himalaya. Tomorrow, on our holiday to Nepal, an adventurous few from our group will be paragliding on the warm thermals over the Himalaya – whilst others will be shopping, dinning, enjoying spas or meditating. The weather is pleasantly warm here in Pokhara!


73 seconds that changed everything

An old man sits in one of Kathmandu’s ancient squares trying to sell Nepalese flags. Yet no one is coming.

An elderly man waits
An elderly man waits

Behind him, among the crowds of colourfully dressed people; the rickshaw drivers, traders bent heavy carrying loads, monks and religious devotees, incense and bells; a set of steps lead upwards to what is known, rather crudely, as the ‘Hippy temple.’ This, in the 1960’s, marked the end of the Hippy Trail and on the temple’s upper reaches, flaxen haired foreigners would have sat smoking ganja. Yet today the steps lead to nothing. A earthquake lasting just seventy three seconds took it away.  The steps look upwards to Kathmandu’s clear blue sky.

However, the overwhelming number of temples, not just here but across Nepal, still remain. This beautiful palace square, like others in the neighbouring UNESCO city of Patan for example, have remained largely intact. Walking through, is still the same as ever; an experience as if stepping back in time. The ancient pagoda architecture, in this country cut off from the rest of the world until the late 1950’s, remains. Coming here now, without many tourists, you can be forgiven for feeling like a Victorian explorer – perhaps there has never been a better time to visit.

There has been devastation in areas. The earthquake’s epicentre was 80kms from Kathmandu. Villages have seen awful damage as well as the city of Bhaktapur. The earthquake has struck four out of Nepal’s fourteen districts, but the world’s press has been less discriminate. Its generalistic approach suggesting earthquake has conquered all of Nepal has caused even more damage to its tourist industry. Traveller areas such as the jungle in Chitwan, Lumbini the birthplace of the Bhudda and the lakeside town Pokhara have seen no damage at all. A majority of ancient monuments are intact, roads are clear; hotels, restaurants open, but few travellers are coming.

Most traveller services in the country such as hotels, transport, restaurants and excursions are run by small family businesses, not multinational chains. For them, hardly damaged by the earthquake, the generalistic approach of the world’s press could not have been more devastating. And today the press shows little interest in Nepal. We contacted the travel editors of the Guardian and Telegraph for example, but neither expressed interest.

The truth is that visitors who come here now will have a unique experience.

The press has devastated the tourist industry
The press has devastated the tourist industry

In some areas they’ll see evidence of earthquake damage, not on a television screen but for themselves; something few witness in a lifetime. This is a very friendly country too, whose citizens still address each other as ‘brother or sister.’  In the aftermath of the earthquake not one single shop was looted, this tells you something about the decency of the people of Nepal. Pioneering travellers coming today can expect a terrific welcome.

Yet for now the old man still sits in Kathmandu square trying to sell his flags. The sun shines, the ancient architecture stands majestic around him. Yet few visitors are coming.

Angel Holidays will be taking a group to Nepal this October to give them this unique experience of Nepal. By visiting you will also be helping Nepal’s tourist industry. If you might like to join the adventure; visiting ancient cities, the jungle, the birthplace of the Buddha and staying Pokhara in full view of the Himalaya, please contact us. To crown the trip, you’ll also have the chance to fly around Everest.

A special thanks

Angel Holidays would like to thank previous ‘Angel travellers’ who have given generously in time and money to help the people of Nepal. There’s been events such as marathons and garden parties to raise money, as well as generous donations. Your help has been delivered directly to those in need. We’d also like to thank the selfless work of Pabitra, our first organiser with Angel Holidays, who’s delivered blankets, medicine and shelters to remote villages from donations from Angel Travellers.

Thank you for your affection to Angel Holidays and to Nepal.  For those booked on our October trip this year, and for those thinking of coming, a very warm welcome awaits. Angel Holidays.


an old man selling flags in Kathmandu’s Durbar Sqaure.

Patan city three months after the earthquake