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Vietnam, a second tour planned

Tour of Vietnam

Vietnam: and with our first tour next April already full, we are planning another one later in 2019.  From north to south, the tour is an exceptional experience, and good value too; including an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, atmospheric Hanoi, a train along the coast and over the Hai Van Pass, time to relax on the beach, the Mekong Delta, and Saigon.

Accommodation is a mixture of 4 star hotels, rustic lodges and more….If you might be interested, please let us know and we can add you to our wait list. Thank you.


The Real Exotic Marigold BBC series

Angel Holidays & the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Tonight at 8pm on BBC 2, there’s a new series of the ‘Real Exotic Marigold Hotel,’ where celebrity retirees are taken to India to see what retirement might bring.  We’re sure this series, like the previous ones, will prove popular. Many viewers would think ‘I would like to do that.’  Of course with Angel Holidays you can, as in March next year we’re taking retired adventurers to the same house used by Myriam Mygoyles, Jan Leaming and others, for the exact same adventure.

You will also visit magical Udaipur, the location of tonight’s programme.  So, after enjoying the show, if you want to have this once in a lifetime opportunity, why not contact us?


The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel

For those coming with us on this unusual travel experience next March, you may wish to watch this video of the BBC series. You’ll be following in the footsteps of Jan Leaming, Wayne Sleep, Miriam Margolyes and others and staying in the exact same house.



Vietnam – here we come!

Tour of Vietnam

We’re pleased to announce that Angel Holidays will be offering its first tour to Vietnam next April (7th – 20th), and it’s going to be superb.  On this comprehensive tour you’ll see the highlights of the entire country, travelling from north to south. This holiday includes two internal flights and is priced at only £1,195 – with further discounts for previous Angel travellers.  We hope this represents excellent value.

Travelling by private bus, traditional boats, train, plane and cyclos, you’ll get a real experience of this country, and its people.  You’ll visit evocative Hanoi, spend a night near the Karst jungle where they filmed King Kong, take an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, travel by train over the Hai Van pass and along the coast, enjoy some beach time, see the exotic Mekong delta and Saigon.  You can also visit some sites of the US/Vietnamese war.

If you would like full information, please contact Bridget via this website.   We hope you decide to come! Angel Holidays


Holidays Nepal, Cambodia, India or Laos – your host

Your host on our tours

For those going on our Angel Holidays tours this year with Radio 4’s Steve Carver, you might like to listen to your host. Here he is living the life of a ‘trade plater’ for his BBC  Radio 4 series – where he experienced many unusual British jobs.

Typical to Steve, there’s a mixture of the poetic, the humorous, together with warm, engaging interviews, as he looks at those who deliver cars for a living.

His producer, particularly liked this programme, and managed to insert a Human League track, a band in her youth that she loved, and a first for Radio 4. We hope you enjoy the show. You may have to cut and paste this to listen, depending on your browser.


Kieth Floyd



We’d like to celebrate the life of Keith Floyd, a chef with an abundant personality  who made cooking on TV much more interesting. Born in 1943 and passing away at just 65, he is missed; a maverick, flamboyant, warm personality, that never played to the camera, but instead simply talked and enthused us, with a constantly replenished glass of wine.


Keith, was a trail -blazer, someone who took the genre into a new, exciting and simply lovely direction. His cooking was simple: prepared ingredients from chopped onions to cardamom, and chucking it all in, with his debonair and overzealous style. We loved it.

TV cookery shows, from the Hairy Bikers to Nigella, are all about enthusiasm and character, something Keith had in abundance, and way beyond the pale. Keith died after drinking champagne to celebrate his medical results whilst fighting bowel cancer. A lovely man.


The Puskar Camel Fair – just gets better…

Puskar Camel Fair, India

India, and our tour this November will include the Puskar Camel fair; the largest coming-together of camels on earth. In fact, we’ll be visiting on the opening (and best) day. Over 20,000 camels and herdsmen will come to the event, in a celebration of nomadic desert culture with games, races, funfairs and trading in these wonderful animals – the sight itself is extraordinary.

We’ve 5 places left on this Indian tour, that includes camping in the desert, the remote citadel of Jaisalmer, the Taj Mahal, romantic Udaipur, remote villages, palaces and so much more – with ‘Angel’ you have much more of a local experience – it’s a road trip like no other. If you want to come, please let us know soon. All you need is a £200 deposit and your place is secured.


Retired? Come live the Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience.

Angel Holidays & the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In the Spring of 2019 Angel Holidays is hosting The Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience where retirees will come to India to see what retirement would bring.

This 20 day experience is being offered in the same home used for the ‘Real Exotic Marigold Hotel’ series with Miriam Mygoles, Wayne Sleep, Jan Leaming and others. You’ll stay in the same city where the BBC series was made and have many of the same experiences.

We’re now collecting names of those interested, in order to put together a complementary group of people for this once in a lifetime experience.

The trip cost is just £1,595 & flights, reduced to only £1,495 for those who have ‘liked’ this page. So if you’d like to know more, and to be considered, please contact us and letting us know (Click ‘Contact Us’ above). It promises to be a quite and unusual life experience.



The Exotic Marigold Hotel

This morning our group are leaving the biblical blue city of Jodhpur and going to the Exotic Marigold Hotel, used for the movies with Judy Dench, Bill Nighy and others. In fact, Angel has a another connection with this film as Jidy Dench’s brother has been on one of our holidays.  As one of the first lines in this trailer suggests, coming to India with us, ‘It’s going to be extraordinary. You could be coming here with us next November, if you take the plunge and book. Check out our Facebook page and scroll to ‘video posts’ for an idea of our current group.


Tour Laos & Cambodia, some video clips

Thanks to Nigel Wheeler and wife Jacqui (who is also a professional artist of note), for some traveller’s video clips from our tour. These are just snippets, and even Nigel admits, he quickly put them together, but he’s done a wonderful job in giving you a taste of the fun, the colour and sense of remoteness from the outside world that we had on this trip. Merry Christmas, Angel Holidays.