Peru 2022

Soon our travellers will come to Peru, the fourth largest country in South America and a place teeming with culture, wildlife and spectacular scenery, sometimes you’ll feel you’re on another planet.

We’ll begin our journey in Lima on the pacific coast before flying to the white city of Arequipa and surrounded by volcanoes. Next we venture to one of the deepest canyons on earth (twice the depth of the Grand Canyon) to see the flight of the national bird – the condor – the largest flying bird in the world.

We then move to Lake Titicaca the worlds’ highest navigable lake, travelling by speed boat to visit its most remote island before continuing to glittering Cusco, the capital of the Incan empire high up in the Andes.

Next we travel by bus over ragged landscape and then by train to stay below Machu Picchu. Eventually we’ll return to Lima. Rustic (and some comfortable) accommodation along the way, lots of adventures and people to meet. It’s going to be extraordinary. Steve Carver from the BBC will lead the group, we hope you enjoy the ride! See our site for details. We plan to do it again in ’23!

vietnam Tour By Angel Holidays


Vietnam, what are you waiting for?

Our second, colourful tour of Vietnam will take place next April and already places are being taken. Book now to avoid missing out.

Starting in the north and the capital Hanoi, we tour the entire length of the country, with beaches, jungles, the Mekong delta and exciting cities, all playing a part in the action.

We’ve some great hotels too, as well as an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, and a classic coastline train journey – travel writers Michael Palin and Paul Theroux can vouch for this! Twenty three of us went this year, and all had a great time.

Someone once said that Angel Holidays tours, are tours for people who don’t like tours. Which just about sums it up.  Those wanting to ‘follow a flag’ and only visit the tourist sights; would be disappointed with Angel Holidays.

Instead, we take you to all the important places and give you free time to explore too.  You’ll eat out like the locals – rather than being stuck in a hotel – and spend much of your time as you want it, whilst having the support, advice and social atmosphere from our staff, and the group.  Radio 4’s Steve Carver will be your host, as well as local Vietnamese people and expert guides along the way. There’s a great element of fun too. So what are you waiting for? At less than £1,195 for two exciting weeks it’s great value.

Here’s a video to whet your appetite. See this website for details.


Exotic Marigold Hotel, 2020

If you’re thinking of joining our Exotic Marigold Hotel experience next year, we still have some places remaining. This 3 week trip which includes Delhi, the Taj Mahal, the romantic lake city of Udaipur – and of course, the opportunity to experience what life in India is really like, it’s just £1,499.  We’re also offering an optional tour into the desert state of Rajasthan at the end, to see old palaces and exotic landscapes, well off the beaten track.  Here’s a video snippet of your Exotic Marigold Hotel where you will live 10 nights.  It offers something extraordinary.


Nepal, now you can fly to Annapurna Base Camp


heli - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Flying to Base camp

If you are thinking of coming to Nepal with us this October (6th) a relatively new helicopter service can fly you to Annapurna Base Camp (a journey by foot that would take over 16 days).  This unusual flight lands at base camp, where you can experience setting foot on one of the highest places on earth.

Like previous trips, this year we will also being staying in the ancient city of Bhaktapur – a city so well preserved that we need permits to enter. We’ll also be driving down towards the border with India to see Chitwan Tiger Reserve.  At just £995, what are you waiting for?


Exotic Marigold – live it for real…

For those coming on our Exotic Marigold Hotel experience in 2019. you might like to see this movie clip. Like the film, you’ll be in at the deep end; experiencing Indian life – its emotions and all its confusions at first hand. It’s going to be magical.

Already people are booking our second’ Exotic Marigold for 2020: we’ve a handful of places left.  So if you might like to do something entirely wonderful, and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget: contact us.  Angel Holidays.


Tour Bangkok, Laos & Cambodia – Loy Krathong

Each year across Thailand they celebrate the festival of Loy Krathong – a colourful event, where thousands of lanterns are released into a full moon, night sky. Those flying to Bangkok early enough on our tour, will be able to enjoy this wonderful event, perhaps along the river or in Lumpini park, central Bangkok.

loi krathong fall in thailand 57ba337b5f9b58cdfd1c227d - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Tour of Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel, now sold out

Series 1 promo - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Your chance to have the same experience as the BBC series

Our real exotic Marigold Hotel experience – identical to the BBC series – is already fully booked. In fact we could have filled all places twice over.  The trip takes place next March, and plans are already afoot to schedule another date, to do it all again at some point later in the year.

15 lucky people will live in the city of Jaipur, just like the television programme and will see what retirement in India would bring.  No doubt there will be some confusion, laughter and drama along the way, in this authentic experiment.

If you might be interested in joining a future programme, please see our pages on this website. It promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Wayne Sleep, participant in the first series, has wished us luck; in what he described as life changing.


The Exotic Marigold Hotel

Angel Holiday’s Exotic Marigold Hotel experiment: where we’ll take UK retirees to India just like the TV show, is now full.  A second one is planned later in the year.

The group will stay in the same home used by Bobby George, Wayne Sleep, Jan Leaming and others, and experience many of the same things, plus more.   This is no holiday.

Here is some footage from the series. It begins with early morning laughing yoga – something we all need.

We’re building a waiting list for our second Exotic Marigold trip. If you might like to come on this unusual, once in a lifetime experience, please contact us.

Like last time, places are limited and we expect it to allocate places quite soon.

Please click our ‘Exotic Marigold Hotel’ page for details.


Tour of Nepal, all set to go…

bhk - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Tour of Nepal

In just over 4 weeks, our next group will travel half way across the planet, and up into the Himalaya, to Nepal.  They’ll be 6,000 miles away from their nearest Wetherspoons!  Kathmandu, a busy thriving metropolis, awaits to greet our passengers – in what will be an enthralling and extremely colourful trip.  Expect a shock to the senses.

You’ll stay near Thamel, the lively, hippy backpacker district with over 100 bars and restaurants, and yet a 5 minute stroll to local Nepalese life – these exciting first few days combine with a flight over Everest! You’ll be in the heart of some of the busiest markets on the planet and see spiritual rituals you’ve never witnessed before; it’s going to be fabulous.

After Kathmandu, we move to the medieval city of Bhaktapur – an altogether quieter and surreal city as if frozen in time – it has been used as the film set for ‘Little Buddha.’  Then it’s the jungle, riding elephants through rivers, followed by the birthplace of the Buddha (staying in a monastery) and Pokhara – a beautiful lake overlooked by the Himalaya.

The very name ‘Kathmandu’ conjures up so many romantic images doesn’t it:  the end of the Hippy Trail, the beginning of the remote east, and a city in the mountains…… If you want to make a last minute plunge and join us, it’s easy, visas are available on arrival…. A 35 page guide book written by Angel Holidays will accompany your trip.


Vietnam, a second tour planned

women - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Tour of Vietnam

Vietnam: and with our first tour next April already full, we are planning another one later in 2019.  From north to south, the tour is an exceptional experience, and good value too; including an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, atmospheric Hanoi, a train along the coast and over the Hai Van Pass, time to relax on the beach, the Mekong Delta, and Saigon.

Accommodation is a mixture of 4 star hotels, rustic lodges and more….If you might be interested, please let us know and we can add you to our wait list. Thank you.


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