Peru 2022

Soon our travellers will come to Peru, the fourth largest country in South America and a place teeming with culture, wildlife and spectacular scenery, sometimes you’ll feel you’re on another planet.

We’ll begin our journey in Lima on the pacific coast before flying to the white city of Arequipa and surrounded by volcanoes. Next we venture to one of the deepest canyons on earth (twice the depth of the Grand Canyon) to see the flight of the national bird – the condor – the largest flying bird in the world.

We then move to Lake Titicaca the worlds’ highest navigable lake, travelling by speed boat to visit its most remote island before continuing to glittering Cusco, the capital of the Incan empire high up in the Andes.

Next we travel by bus over ragged landscape and then by train to stay below Machu Picchu. Eventually we’ll return to Lima. Rustic (and some comfortable) accommodation along the way, lots of adventures and people to meet. It’s going to be extraordinary. Steve Carver from the BBC will lead the group, we hope you enjoy the ride! See our site for details. We plan to do it again in ’23!

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