The Exotic Marigold Experience: your chance to do something different

The 17th Century Bissau Palace in Jaipur, India; with its porticos, lawns and gardens, antiques and collectables, plays host to the Angel Holidays ‘Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience’ in February, 2020.  Our host is a member of Jaipur’s royal family; no doubt whilst enjoying residence here, our guests will get to meet him – and his wife known affectionately as ‘Twinkle’.  Prince Charles as well as Sir Richard Branson have also visited.

Beyond the gates, life could not be more different; with the general hoi poli meeting goats and chickens, donkeys and market traders; the rudimentary nearby fruit market was a favourite of Rosemary Shrager, on the ‘BBC’s ‘Real Exotic Marigold Hotel’ series.

Our Exotic Marigold Hotel Experience – hosted by Radio 4’s Steve Carver, includes time in the capital Delhi, as well as the lakeside setting of Udaipur, and a visit to the set of the Exotic Marigold Hotel movie with Bill Nighy, Dame Judi Dench and others.  Incidentally, Dame Judi’s brother – a retired Doctor – has also travelled with Angel Holidays.

So, if you would like to join this unique experience, contact us via this site.  Seeing what it’s like to live in India, in such unique surroundings, is bound to be a one of your life’s great experiences. Take the chance now, before it’s too late.



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