A Journey to Mustang

High in the Himalaya, beyond the Annapurna range of snow covered mountains, lies the Kingdom of Mustang, for many the lost Shangri la, and a place of pilgrimage. Due to weather conditions, this was Steve Carver’s second solo attempt to get there by old motorcycle.

Day One, and I found myself staring at a lonely track ahead of me. A loose, white dusty trail that would take me around 100 miles north – behind the Himalaya – and more challengingly – 15,000 feet upwards into the sky. There was a sense of foreboding about it. Riding solo and not knowing what’s ahead, you do well not to let the vulnerability get to you. But the isolation, the unknown challenge of it, is also an enticing adventure.

Before I’d set off from Kathmandu, I had a conversation with some experienced Nepali men. ‘It can’t be done’ they said. ‘You can’t drive solo. Not there.’ When I insisted, another added ‘He’s British,’ and I didn’t know if this was a compliment due to a sense of daring, or if the British were known to be stupid.

And so today, I found myself, alone and facing up dusty forlorn trail, not knowing if I was daring or stupid. All I knew, was that I would be going.


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