Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia


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Laos, one of many great views

For those coming to on this wonderful tour, we hope you are looking forward to the tropical weather. Daytime it will be 26-30 degrees, and at night; a pleasant 24, where light shirts are all that’s needed. As with all Angel trips, we take you to each region when the weather is perfect.

Much of your travel will be by boat on this holiday: you’ll travel towards China in a convoy of six seater boats, fitted with Peugeot 505 car seats for example, to make you more comfortable (that night you’ll sleep in stilted jungle lodges along the river).

On another river trip, we’ll take you by a large traditional boat and you’ll travel over the largest lake in Asia; eventually sailing through narrow riverways into the heart of Cambodia – a challenging and exciting journey: we never know what quite to expect.

And throughout the trip – warm sunshine. It leaves one to ponder, what to do with you coat you wear to your UK airport?

We hope you are getting excited….


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