Christmas comes to Nepal

Despite it being a largely Hindu and Buddhist nation, Nepal – fondly known locally as the acronym: ‘Never Ending Peace And Love’ has

Christmas in Nepal
Christmas in Nepal

entered the Christmas spirit. Over the next two weeks there’s carol services and good cheer, all without the shopping! It’s traditional. Many may not know what Christmas really means, but they will celebrate its spirit – Never Ending Peace & Love. People will call out ‘Merry Christmas!’ and that’s good enough. From up here in the Himalaya, with carol singers, people in good cheer and not one Turkey in the whole country, people don’t even know what a turkeys is, we wish you good preparations for Christmas in your country. Our Easter holiday 2015 to Nepal is already sold out, so we’re looking forward to taking a nice group around this friendly country! For those who came before – we miss you and hope you miss Nepal. Here’s a local choir singing, celebrating Christmas. It goes to show,  Christmas is for everyone.


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