Holiday Laos & Cambodia

your home for the evening - Angel Holidays Tour Operator

On our tour to Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia, we stay in some incredible places. In the remote jungle hamlet of Nong Khiew for example, each traveller has a stilted ensuite cabin, complete with queen sized bed and mosquito nets overlooking the river.

This is a river that winds its way through jungle until eventually reaching the Chinese border.  It’s along this stunningly beautiful stretch of water that we make our own way towards the Chinese by boat.

6 passengers to each rudimentary motorboat, fitted with Peugeot 505 car seats to make it more comfortable,  we glide through spectacular and lesser known, surreal landscapes, visiting villages along the way, before sailing back through epic gorges, thick jungle and around karst mountains, back to our jungle cabins. Dinner can be had overlooking the river, enjoying the isolation of this remote corner of Laos.  Here is a photograph of your room for the evening.  If you might like to join this spectacular adventure, let us know.


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