Holiday to Nepal – the Annapurna range

Up here on holiday in the Himalaya some of us went on a half day hike to see the Annapurna range of the Himalaya.

A microlight flies  over the Annapurna, Nepal
A microlight flies over the Annapurna, Nepal

Here’s a shot I’d taken. Incidentally, the first paperback novel ever published was ‘The Lost Horizon’ a fictional novel about a British team who crash landed somewhere up there and discovered a city where you never age.  How unglamorous cities like Swindon by comparison seem!

Back to reality and it’s also possible to go micro-lighting as well as paragliding from here – you’re strapped in with a professional pilot – as the thermals are so good you can stay up gently for quite some time. There’s a new trend in ‘para-hawking’ here in Nepal too, where para-gliders follow the flight of trained hawks as they glide through the air – it’s quite spectacular.  Here’s a shot of a micro-lighter as he or she flew over us. It’s not often you can look across at some of the highest peaks on the planet.

That same afternoon the group returned to ‘Basecamp’ to enjoy beers and champagne: which, given the views, was quite fitting.


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