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Vietnam: and plans are in place for a new holiday

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Vietnam Holiday

Many of you have previously travelled with us on our adventure holiday to Laos and Cambodia – which sees the region properly, rather than rushing through, visiting only the tourist sights and trying to cram Vietnam in – which is akin to trying to see Spain, Italy and Germany in a fortnight – you do all badly, spend a lot of time on a bus, and don’t see much.

Indeed, our magical adventure to Cambodia and Laos is running again this year where we take a boat expedition towards China, tackle the largest lake in South East Asia, visit golden Luang Prabang on the Mekong, remote jungle towns and villages, as well as magical Angkor, vibrant Siem Reap and romantic Phnom Penh – and that’s is just part of it. For many, Laos and Cambodia remains Angel’s best trip yet.

We’ve always maintained that to see the whole of IndoChina (Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam) properly; Vietnam has to be done on a separate trip. A county of 1,200 miles in length needs more than a handful of days. And so, we will be offering our new 15 day Vietnam tour next year.

This will include the entire country from Hanoi in the north to Saigon in its south. You’ll cruise overnight in Halong Bay, we’ll drive through old towns and villages, see busy cities; journey from high mountains to the Mekong river plains; take trains, planes, private buses and cyclos, stay in jungle lodges and enjoy some ‘beach time’ too. Foodies will love the free time to explore food markets and, as always, our accommodation promises, at the very least to be sometimes, very different (some of you may remember staying in a monastery in Nepal).

What’s more, for anyone who has previously come with us to Cambodia and Laos, or is coming this year, or in the future, you’ll get a discount on any Vietnam trip – just a little thank you from us.

Coming with ‘Angel’ you have a much richer travel experience, see the region properly and have free time – and a lot of fun too!


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