Hotels, what makes Angel Holidays so special?

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Your hotel in Jaipur

Many of our Rajasthani hotels come from a Maharaja perspective. In Bikener you’ll stay in an old palace owned by a cousin of the city’s Maharaja, a 17th century house that is decadent, colourful and artistic.  The Maharaja is a friend of Angel Holidays. In Jaisalmer, you’ll stay inside a fort; simple medieval rooms with magical sunsets over the desert, whilst in Jodphur, you’ll stay  in a house dating from the 17th century. In Jaipur you’re staying at the oldest hotel in Rajasthan (pictured) and old rambling palace from the 16th century. The Maharaja’s brother who owns it, is a friend of Angel.

It’s only through the contacts of Angel Holidays, that make this possible. Next spring in 2019 we’re doing it all again. So if you might like to join us – and enjoy some very warm winter sunshine, let us know.  You can join our wait list. The tour can be found on


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