India tour – the palaces we will stay

a room - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
       Bikaner Palace
swimmng pool mandip - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
       Jaisalmer Palace

For those coming with us to India this November, you’ll be staying in several old palaces along the way. In Bikaner you’ll stay in Bhairon Villas; the owner, a cousin of the Maharaja, is a friend of Angel Holidays and you’ll probably spend time with him in the bar. This first picture is the ‘purple suite’ and there are many, with different colour combinations, like it.



In Jaisalmer, you will stay at the Mandir Palace – the Maharaja of Jaisalmer also lives there. This second picture shows the palace’s swimming pool.  This old stoned building sits beneath the citadel and just 60km from the Pakistan border.

In Jodhpur, you’ll stay in the old colonial British hotel: the Polo Heritage (Prince Charles has visited) before eventually arriving in yet another palace – the Bissau, the owner is also a family friend of Angel Holidays; our last picture.

bissau - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Our Palace in Jaipur

Indian palaces, represent a step back into another time; eloquence, style and flamboyant colour, that today is seldom seen. We’ve just 4 places remaining on this unique trip, if you might like to have this experience.



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