Booking flights

With a sizeable Indian community in the UK booking flights to Delhi is relatively simple and with some good prices. Flights to India can be direct or indirect. Direct flights from London to Delhi are approximately 7 hours and 50 minutes. Indirect flights are often via the Middle East where you are guided to a transfer lounge without leaving the airport. These transfers are safe, clean with shopping and other facilities. There are many airlines that travel to India including Jet Airways, British Airways, Air India and Virgin. You can travel to India from several airports in the UK.

With a time difference of several hours most flights leave the UK one day and arrive in India the next. Please see the itinerary for the latest day you must be in India to join the tour.

For an idea of flights please visit However, please ask us and we will be happy to advise as well as search for some flight options for you.

You may wish to arrive a day or two early in India to relax after your journey. We can book extra accommodation and add this to your bill. Please contact us for an idea of cost (approx £69 per twin room with breakfasts). Many travellers fly out on the Friday evening and arrive Saturday for example (for an extra day in Delhi). We always pick you up (free) from the airport whenever you arrive.

Print out a copy of your air tickets as you need to show these, particularly on the way home to enter the airport.