Indian Food, on holiday to India

A thali dish, India
A thali dish, India

In a second excerpt from our guide to India, here’s an article about Indian food (and drink). We hope  you enjoy it.


Of course we all know a little about Indian food but here’s some information to get you started: There are many vegetarian curries, and Paneer (a non melting cheese) is often used in a vegetarian curry.  Palak means spinach, so Palak Paneer curry is often green with cheese. Muglai curry (from Mogul culture) uses slightly different spices to regular Indian, as does Rajasthani food (Murgh means chicken). It’s not so easy to find Rajasthani dishes in all tourist restaurants.  Massala means sauce; Chicken Tika is a dry and flavoursome dish cooked in an oven, whereas Chicken Tika Massala is the same with an added sauce.

Aloo means potato. Jeera is cumin seeds and often offered with rice or potato (sometimes called aloo jeera which adds a little more flavour). A Thali, often served in a stainless steel tray is a small and simple variety of foods often; pickles, some bread, yoghurt to dip and so on (see the picture). Lassies are yoghurt based drinks in different flavours – plain or banana are very good.

The most popular beer is Kingfisher, which usually comes in 650ml bottles (about a pint) and varies in price from (lowest) £1.50 to £3. If you like cocktail mixes such as a gin and tonic, the spirit is often brought separately in 30ml or 60ml glasses to add to your tonic to suit. Rum, whiskey etc are available. Indian wine varies in quality but Sula (Red, White and Rose varieties) is fairly good.

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