Keeping up with the news – which is best for you?

keeping up with the news
keeping up with the news

Whilst travelling abroad, many like to keep up with the news, so we’ve looked at which sites are best for you. Based in the Middle East, the site offers a sober tone of world news and tends to focus news stories near its geographical area – North Africa and the Middle East as well as US based stories. an American and London based site, it’s very much based on US led stories or those issues that have a US impact. is popular and presents a good overall perspective, particularly for UK readers. provides a good all round package focussing on the West and European/US readers suitable for younger readers (it’s sponsored by a backpacker guide) expect an equal measure of ‘what’s happening with the Kardashian’s’ to a lighter view of selected news. is politically based with an American bias.  It has some good political commentary and analysis as well as sophisticated coverage.

Other sites are available from your favourite newspapers, we hope this helps









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