Kieth Floyd

keith - Angel Holidays Tour Operator


We’d like to celebrate the life of Keith Floyd, a chef with an abundant personality  who made cooking on TV much more interesting. Born in 1943 and passing away at just 65, he is missed; a maverick, flamboyant, warm personality, that never played to the camera, but instead simply talked and enthused us, with a constantly replenished glass of wine.


Keith, was a trail -blazer, someone who took the genre into a new, exciting and simply lovely direction. His cooking was simple: prepared ingredients from chopped onions to cardamom, and chucking it all in, with his debonair and overzealous style. We loved it.

TV cookery shows, from the Hairy Bikers to Nigella, are all about enthusiasm and character, something Keith had in abundance, and way beyond the pale. Keith died after drinking champagne to celebrate his medical results whilst fighting bowel cancer. A lovely man.


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