The making of Ho Chi Minh


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Saigon today, our final stop on our Vietnam visit

Ho c Chi Minh City is still referred to, by many in its more romantic notion – Saigon. The city was renamed in honour of the communist leader Ho Chi Minh in 1976 – ‘Uncle Ho’ as he was affectionately known, would never had seen this honour, he’d died 6 years earlier.

Uncle Ho was an intelligent man, who divides opinion in Vietnam today, particularly whether patrons are from the North or South.  He spoke several languages, including Chinese, English, Russian and French, and was one of the co-founders of the French communist party in 1920.

He vehemently believed in an independent Vietnam, something he never enjoyed in his lifetime; the Americans left –  hastily in panic and confusion – in 1975.  His body is interred in Hanoi, lying serenely in a displayed glass case; as if in some gentle dream. He’s taken to Russia every two years for continued preservation treatment.

Angel Holidays travellers will be taken to see the body in a solemn military procession – as a fitting prelude to our trip. [This text is taken from the forthcoming Angel Holidays guide to Vietnam].


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