Man on a motorbike

Tomorrow Steve Carver sets off for his bike journey to India for a forthcoming radio programme [working title] ‘Man on a motorbike.’

The old Enfield to get him around
The old Enfield to get him around

The programme will involve Steve riding across north India and recording his reflections, thoughts and his poetry (mixed in with some humour) on the smaller details of India: from spending time with those who live in poverty, to travellers seeking spiritual enlightenment, to some unusual locations seldom visited by foreigners. He has an open reign to see what comes his way. His first leg will be to drive near the border with India to Lumbini – birthplace of the Buddha – and a place known well by Angel travellers:  they stay in a monastery there on their holiday to Nepal with Angel Holidays.  Beyond that, and with Steve’s old Enfield motorcycle, the road is just open. And that’s the magic of the series.   Here’s the bike on the eve before the journey.


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