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Jharana as Miss Nepal

You might remember a few months ago we confirmed that former Miss Nepal, the lovely Jharana Bajracharja has become a friend and offered to work with Angel Holidays to teach meditation to our travellers. Meditation and spiritual holidays are becoming increasingly popular. Jharana is a celebrity here, and since winning Miss Nepal in 1997 has become a film actress both in Nepal and across the border in Bollywood. In Nepal, outside of the celebrity culture of the West, Jharana walks freely and is unhindered by the press or local people.  She’s treated as an equal and nothing more. It’s partly due to the removal of the ego and ‘ego-grasping’ as it is termed by Buddhist and Hindu religions; a frowned-upon process whereby we become attached to ‘who we are’ as a opposed to our equal place as part of humanity.   I wonder why famous people are so revered in the West? Nepal has a high degree of intellectual spirituality; theories about who we are and our position in the world have been developed over thousands of years – even the police force have daily meditations. Here’s a photo of Jharana in all her glory in 1997.  She can teach meditation and its benefits in the beautiful Pagoda room on the rooftop of our hotel overlooking the city. I wonder how Simon Cowell would react if he could walk freely around London with no one making a fuss of him? Might he suffer from ego-grasping?


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