Monty Python Tickets

Monty Pythons tickets
Michael in Nepal

Much is in the headlines these days about the forthcoming Monty Python reunion gigs in London.  Five more dates have been added to fulfill burgeoning demand, as well as Terry Gilliam more recently hoping the gigs don’t go ahead dreading the possibility that the Pythons would have lost their edge and the whole thing falls flat as, well sorry to add this: ‘a dead parrot.’   Michael Palin meanwhile has announced UK dates for his own tour, talking about his diaries ‘The travelling to work’ tour as he calls it. Talking of travelling, when he came here to Nepal, he and his lovely team visited many of the places we visit on our tour. Kathmandu, ancient Bhaktapur, the cremation grounds of Pashupatinath, Pokhara and the jungle. So it might be nice to follow in his footsteps if you cannot buy Monty Python tickets.


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