Nepal Holiday and happiness!

Holiday to Nepal
Holiday to Nepal

As many who’ve traveled with us to Nepal will know, on our tour we visit the birthplace of the Buddha, and in this spiritual couple of days; we explore how to create more happiness in our lives – regardless of any religion. We’ll be led by our lovely Buddhist monk on this part of the holiday which is fascinating.

The ‘four noble truths’ of Buddhism suggests that our attachment to desires can lead to unhappiness, but as you’ll probably find out, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy desires – even the simpler ones like desiring a cup of tea and then drinking it – the key word is ‘attachment’.  If you’re attached to a desire this means that if you don’t satisfy it you’ll be unhappy.  Perplexingly, it maybe useful to have many desires that you’re unattached to and if you accomplish a small number of  these, rejoice in them, the others: just let them go.

Also by attaching ourselves to a desire we hope to fulfill in the future, we can lead ourselves into a situation where we’re unhappy in the ‘here & now’ until we achieve this desire sometime in the future.  It’s important to live in the ‘now’ take happiness from it and the meditative practice of ‘mindfulness’ is something that can help (you can ask about this on this part of the Nepal tour).

Perhaps too we need to create simpler desires in the first place that can be more easily attained and surpassed. We often see Asian people with less than ourselves who appear happy; Nepal has an abundance of these. Enjoying the many things we do have, rather than the things we don’t, also helps.  Here’s a picture of our group on our previous holiday to Nepal. As you can see,  a very happy bunch, whatever religion!


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