Nepal Tour

And for those coming with us this year, here is a preview of what is to come. The photographs from this slide show have all been taken by Angel Travellers.

We’ll begin in Kathmandu, staying near the lively backpacker district, before moving on to Bhaktapur; a town so beautiful and locked in time; we need to arrange a permit for you to stay there.

We then move south towards India, and stay near Chitwan jungle reserve, before moving to Lumbini, spending a night in a monastery at the birthplace of the Buddha.

Next we drive through the mountains to Pokhara below the Himalaya, before returning to Kathmandu valley and then home.

It’s a unique journey, shaped by people and landscapes. We hope you are looking forward to it. And these images, present just a fractional foretaste of what is to come.


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