PCR tests, antigen tests and what do to if you’ve had covid to travel

In most countries, the key ingredients to travel are to be vaccinated and be tested before travel. Some countries, such as Peru expect 3 jabs for the over forties. Here is an overview of what most countries need, including what to do if you’ve previously had covid. Of course the situation is ever-changing, so check with your specific destination first.

If you have never been diagnosed with Covid, you usually need a PCR test prior to travel. For most countries this must be taken 72 hours before your flight. Note that the 72 hours can apply differently to different destinations. In some countries, it relates to the departure time from your country, in others, it relates to the flight departure to that country – these two scenarios can be different; if you are getting a connecting flight and not flying direct.

PCR tests can be taken at walk-in centres (such as Express Test) as well as home kits where you send you self-taken sample to a lab, such as Randox. You usually get the test results within 24 – 36 hours.

For those who have previously had covid, your PCR test might show positive even months after contracting the virus. It’s for this reason that you will take an Antigen test, usually 48 hours before your flight with the results given to you within a few hours.inject - Angel Holidays Tour Operator


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