Booking flights


International flights to and from Peru are not included but we can help you find these. As you are booking your own flights, you have the advantage of flexibility. This means that you can arrive earlier before the tour starts and spend more time experiencing Lima. It also gives you time to rest after your long flight. We will transfer you to the hotel from the airport (free) whenever you arrive, as long as you arrive no earlier than 4 days before the beginning of the tour.

If you look at for example, you can select the ‘whole month’ option to see the price of flights on different days.  Many routes travel via Madrid such as Iberia, or Miami and you might consider a stayover.  Another option (if you have time) is even to consider a budget airline: UK to Madrid return (spending a night or two in Spain), and a second return flight from Madrid to Lima.  Please remember you have to comply with a weight allowance of no more than 20kg because of internal (included) flights on this tour.

You may wish to depart the UK from different airports such as London, Manchester, Glasgow.  

Fares and how they vary

Flight prices will vary, depending on flying times, stopovers, dates etc.

A typical stopover in say, Miami of 3 or 4 hours may seem a long time, but allowing for any delays, disembarking the aircraft, entering transfer lounges, and boarding the next aircraft 45 minutes before take-off, it can be no time at all. American ports are also increasingly requesting passengers, even in transit, to go through immigration. You can avoid this via a European stopover. Usually airlines will check your luggage all the way through from the UK to the final destination, but ask on check-in.

Flexibility can mean savings

If you are flexible with your dates, you can save money.  For additional hotel costs in staying on longer in Lima, please contact us.