The Puskar Camel Fair – just gets better…

puskar - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Puskar Camel Fair, India

India, and our tour this November will include the Puskar Camel fair; the largest coming-together of camels on earth. In fact, we’ll be visiting on the opening (and best) day. Over 20,000 camels and herdsmen will come to the event, in a celebration of nomadic desert culture with games, races, funfairs and trading in these wonderful animals – the sight itself is extraordinary.

We’ve 5 places left on this Indian tour, that includes camping in the desert, the remote citadel of Jaisalmer, the Taj Mahal, romantic Udaipur, remote villages, palaces and so much more – with ‘Angel’ you have much more of a local experience – it’s a road trip like no other. If you want to come, please let us know soon. All you need is a £200 deposit and your place is secured.


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