Retired? Why not come to the Exotic Marigold Hotel?

best exotic angel - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
Angel Holidays & the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Much like the BBC series ‘The Real Exotic Marigold Hotel’ Angel Holidays is creating its own Exotic Marigold Hotel experience, where you’ll have the chance to discover what it’s like to retire in India. For 3 weeks you’ll live in this fascinating country exploring retired life with 12 others. The trip cost is just £2,395 plus flights from around £400.

You’ll be given access to take part in local pastimes, as well as visit surrounding areas, and the Taj Mahal by train. This is no holiday. You’ll be expected to go out and explore local culture, using local transport and immerse yourself in Indian culture.  If interested, contact us for an information sheet. The trip may be covered by UK media.


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