The Hippy Trail

Up here in the Himalaya the ‘Hippie Trailers’ are a diminishing breed. These men and women, who embarked on what was known as ‘the Hippie trail’ in the sixties or seventies, arrived in Kathmandu. A small

hippie - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
‘Hippies’ came over in buses to Kathmandu

number – known as the ‘Hippie Trailers’ – never left. And now they’re in their 70’s or 80s.

How they financially survived to stay here is varied. Many came from wealthy families, whose bursaries still support them. Others have maintained simple work, such as making singing bowls or jewelry.

They meet once a year, and have a party. A band plays, made up of members of the Hippy Trailers – a unique ensemble of sitars, flutes, fiddles and electric guitars – they play great, but these days the dancing is a little tired. Sadly, the hippy trail no longer survives. Travel through Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Iran, is of a bygone era. Yet the nirvana of their journey – Kathmandu with its ‘Freak Street’ where they all lived still survives – as does their spirit.


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