Udaipur, Holiday to India

palace - Angel Holidays Tour Operator
A place where dreams are made

The lake city of Udaipur in India, occupies a special place on our tour of India. It was the location of Roger Moore’s James Bond movie  ‘Octopussy’ and it’s also a place of exclusive weddings due to its opulent palaces. It was also the location where the cast stayed for the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies.

A wedding day here is $23,000 which includes food, and a palace location for around 50 guests – which compares quite well with the ‘golf club in Essex.’ Angel Holidays has been tasked with arranging a celebrity wedding here on a luxurious budget – complete with elephants and carriages, and boats around the lake at midnight. Travellers on our tour next spring will also get to enjoy this unique and romantic location.


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