The Unmistaken Child, Nepal

For those joining us on our tour of Nepal this year, you may wish to watch the ‘Unmistaken Child’ featured here on ‘You-tube.’  The story follows the death of a venerated monk – a lama or High Priest in Nepal – who would be reborn again at some remote corner of Tibet.  The ‘reincarnated’ child was found.

At age 4, he was a guest of Angel Holidays, where one of our groups met him for dinner, albeit the boy sitting on a make-shift gold embroidered throne, that our staff had made hastily up.

Reincarnation plays a big part in both Hindu and Buddhist religions, and at this young age, the boy could speak fluently four languages – something that his ‘soul predecessor’ could also do.  He engaged in an instant humourous rapour with our leader – Steve Carver, they are friends to this day – where the boy, now 11, lives (and is worshipped’) in Brisbane.

Here is a snippet, of the search for him as a baby. The Da Lai Lama, was also involved in his discovery.  The film starts in Nepal at Boudhanath – the Buddha Place- where we take our visitors to visit.  We hope this gives you a fitting foretaste of the culture of Nepal, and what lies ahead.




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