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Hoi An on Google

Those using Google today will see a symbol of Hoi An, an ancient town in the middle of Viet Nam, that Angel Holiday travellers visit. We’re running our trip to Viet Nam again next April if you might like to register interest.

The symbol on Google, illustrates the heart of the old centre, where each night hundreds of small lanterns are lit, illuminating the town in a sea of red, gold, green, blue and purple.

The name Hoi An means “peaceful meeting place” and was traditionally a town used for trading between Europeans and Asia.  Silks, ceramics, spices, gold, silver and tea were bought here.  It’s perfectly placed for global trading, along a beautiful jungle river, and just a few miles from the sea.

Hoi An is a UNESCO site and Angel Holidays travellers will spend several nights here – there are some lovely beaches too.

We stay at the very comfortable, Hoi An Ancient Resort & Spa (see below). Contact Bridget via this website if you might like to go.

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Our hotel, Hoi An




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