Visas for India

Your Indian Visa
Your Indian Visa

For those coming on our first trip to India in 2016, you will need to start thinking about Indian visas. Note that the Indian government have changed the application process.  Formerly the visa would cost over £100 and would allow either double or multiple entries over a year long period, usually up to six months maximum stay in any one year.  This service has been outsourced to an agency called ‘VFS global’ an agency employed by the Indian Commission.  The processing/secure postage fees can add another £20/30 to this service    (see: so it can be expensive.

However, the Indian Commission have also introduced a new online visa process.  The cost of this is around £45 ($60) plus any credit/debit card fees. For the online visa you can only apply for this up to 34 days before travel. So for example, if you are arriving in Delhi on 29th October, you can only start the application around 26th September. This lower cost visa allows up to 30 days in the country, and can only be applicable to certain ports of entry (Delhi being included).

As with most services online these days, you will need to do a little admin to apply. You will need to scan a copy of your passport for example, as well as create some digital online photographs of yourself for the visa.  The link to this online application is below this message. Our advice is to start getting digital photos ready early, so that you can apply speedily 34 days before travel.

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