Tour of India: just a couple of months to go

India, and for those joining us on our tour of the sub continent, we’re only 7 weeks away.  You too, can join us on this adventurous journey.  It has a distinct Dame Judi Dench feel to it too. Not only do we visit the Exotic Marigold Hotel used in the movies, but Judi’s brother has previously travelled with us.

This is the last tour in which we visit the spectacular Pushkar camel fair (the largest coming together of camels and herders on the planet) and we’re staying in some fabulous old palaces too.  Radio 4’s Steve Carver, will host the trip, with humour and his amiable charm.  Where we’ll ride camels into the desert, stay in magical Jaisalmer (as if something from ‘Arabian Nights’) travel by train, private bus, rickshaws and just about anything else, stay in the romantic lake city of Udaipur, and see the Taj Mahal.

If you might like to join us, please let us know before the end of September.   Here’s a snippet of one of the palaces you’ll stay in.

Holiday and adventure to India.

Developed by broadcaster Steve Carver, Angel Holidays offers a unique holiday to India. Camp and ride camels in the desert, tour medieval cities, travel to the Exotic Marigold hotel and visit the Taj Mahal on this extraordinary tour.  You’ll travel to stunning Jaisalmere in the heart of the desert and  visit magical Udaipur the most romantic lake city in India. You’ll travel by private bus as well as train across the desert on this unusual Indian Holiday.