Visa, insurance and health


At this time of writing, UK residents do not need a visa if your visit to Vietnam is no more than 15 days. If you want to stay longer you will need to apply for a 30 day visa from London by post. It’s very easy and doesn’t take long. Please note that this visa starts from the date you state you will enter Vietnam on the application form, not from the date you actually enter the country (if they are different). Here is a link:

There is also an online visa service, suggested by the UK government’s foreign travel advice website. Although we have not verified this. Here is a link


Please note it is your responsibility to obtain suitable travel insurance for this holiday. Please see the itinerary for details.


Please note we cannot advise on vaccinations or medical provisions for this trip, as it may invalidate your travel insurance. This can only given by a proper medical practitioner in the UK. Please see your local travel nurse/doctor in good time before travel.

Since 15th March Vietnam has relaxed its rules regarding entry and Coronavirus. They also do not distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers but do require a PCR test 72 hours or less before travel. For full details please visit (copy and paste):