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Holiday Laos & Cambodia

On our tour to Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia, we stay in some incredible places. In the remote jungle hamlet of Nong Khiew for example, each traveller has a stilted ensuite cabin, complete with queen sized bed and mosquito nets overlooking the river.

This is a river that winds its way through jungle until eventually reaching the Chinese border.  It’s along this stunningly beautiful stretch of water that we make our own way towards the Chinese by boat.

6 passengers to each rudimentary motorboat, fitted with Peugeot 505 car seats to make it more comfortable,  we glide through spectacular and lesser known, surreal landscapes, visiting villages along the way, before sailing back through epic gorges, thick jungle and around karst mountains, back to our jungle cabins. Dinner can be had overlooking the river, enjoying the isolation of this remote corner of Laos.  Here is a photograph of your room for the evening.  If you might like to join this spectacular adventure, let us know.


Travel Insurance: tours to Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, India or Spain….

Holiday Insurance

Getting the correct travel insurance for any holiday is important. Online there are a multitude of choices, including single trip and annual policies – so which one should you choose?

The answer is subjective to your circumstances; where you’re going, how often you travel and any ongoing medical concerns, plus age, previous claims, all make a difference. Insurance to include the Caribbean or USA are often more expensive for example, due to the high cost of medical treatment. So in choosing an annual policy if you’re not planning to go to the US for example, it can be cheaper to exclude it from the policy.

Whether you’re on a tour of Rajasthan, India, Nepal, Cambodia or just a couple of weeks in Spain there are some common things to look at in any holiday insurance. Don’t assume the EHIC card in Europe offers full comprehensive cover either, each country can have a different way of interpreting it, even down to individual regions.

All your travel insurance should cover medical and emergency expenses. Luggage is optional and dependent on what risk you’re prepared to take – and the value of its contents. Expensive cameras are one thing, but they shouldn’t be packed in your main luggage anyway.

With annual policies, look out for the small print. What is the maximum number of trips per year, which regions do they cover and how long can each trip be in duration? Some offer a policy for up to 31 days for example, whilst others 60 or more – all have a baring on cost. Also consider where you are going. A tour of Nepal for example, includes remote roads where air ambulance cover (i.e. helicopters) is useful.

What’s also important is who you travel with. If you do not travel with an established operator (like Angel Holidays) your insurance might be compromised. If you decided to go trekking in the high Himalaya for example, with a local agency with no legitimised expertise or licences, insurance cover can be null and void even if the activities are listed in the policy.


Holiday Laos, no passport or visa required…for elephants

Laos, and crossing into the country from China, at least if you’re an elephant seems quite easy. Even the Chinese border guards look on. We hope you enjoy this video.


Hotels, what makes Angel Holidays so special?

Your hotel in Jaipur

Many of our Rajasthani hotels come from a Maharaja perspective. In Bikener you’ll stay in an old palace owned by a cousin of the city’s Maharaja, a 17th century house that is decadent, colourful and artistic.  The Maharaja is a friend of Angel Holidays. In Jaisalmer, you’ll stay inside a fort; simple medieval rooms with magical sunsets over the desert, whilst in Jodphur, you’ll stay  in a house dating from the 17th century. In Jaipur you’re staying at the oldest hotel in Rajasthan (pictured) and old rambling palace from the 16th century. The Maharaja’s brother who owns it, is a friend of Angel.

It’s only through the contacts of Angel Holidays, that make this possible. Next spring in 2019 we’re doing it all again. So if you might like to join us – and enjoy some very warm winter sunshine, let us know.  You can join our wait list. The tour can be found on


Anyone for Bangkok?

Bangkok: and with just a week to go before our first arrivals for our next tour, we’re getting excited. Temperatures are hot – around 30 degrees by night – with many diners sitting ‘alfresco’ watching the Thai world go by: full of life, neon lights and smiling faces, it’s wonderful.

For those coming out early, you might want to join us where we’ll take a convoy of tuks tuks (it’s quite cheap) for a whirlwind ride across the city before finding somewhere for dinner and a foot massage. Get excited, you are in for a fascinating tour! Click below for an example…..


Travel to India? How tourist visas are now cheaper

If you’re travelling to India there have been some important changes to tourist visas that might save you money. Until a

India Visa Info

couple of years ago, the only way to apply for a visa was to apply for a minimum of 6 months visa duration, with many travellers, travelling for just two or so weeks, it meant large costs of well over £100 with a great deal of money wasted.

The Indian embassy have now developed a new system for the average shorter stay traveller – they can be a little time consuming to apply (you need digital photographs for one) but they will save you money. Visit our Angel Holidays site for more information.

Visa, insurance & health



Guide to India, free



Our first group to India is arriving soon and we’ll camp under the stars in the desert, visit the Exotic Marigold Hotel, stay in unusual places, ride camels and take a train across the desert amongst other things. If you would like a free copy of our 17 page guide on the tour, perhaps to consider coming next year, let us know and we’ll email it to you. In the meantime, here is a video of Udaipur where we stay 3 nights.

What colour underwear did you wear on New Years’ Eve?

Peru - underwear for New Year
Peru – underwear for New Year!

Peru, a country we’re visiting with our group this August, has like the rest of us just celebrated new year. However did you know that they traditionally wear and gift yellow underwear over new years eve?

What’s more, many wear them inside out until midnight after-which they switch them the right way around. The significance is that of a new, and bright beginning.

Holiday to Nepal, on the radio

On the radio....
On the radio….

Our holiday to Nepal has been featured quite extensively on British radio with a lovely interview with one of our guests from a previous trip. Chris came all the way from Canada to join us for her holiday to Nepal.  Here she talks about each aspect of the trip and some of her highlights; from flying over Everest to riding elephants in the jungle.

There’s Nepalese music too which is both beautiful and haunting. For those who traveled with us previously on a holiday to Nepal this will hopefully bring back some wonderful memories and also whet the appetite of those coming on holiday in 2015.  Why not ‘cut & paste’ the link and download it to your MP3 or PC?  Please go to the ‘what our customers say’ page (click the link above) on this site to download it. We hope you enjoy it.

Holiday to India, Demoiselle Cranes

Demoiselle Cranes in India
Demoiselle Cranes India

In another excerpt from our Angel Holidays India guide,  here is day 8 of our forthcoming tour; our visit to Keechan in the middle of the desert. 

We’ve come to Keechan, and oasis in the middle of the Thar desert, and in comfortable accommodation; tonight we can dine with tables set on the lawn and beneath a desert sky. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully witness something unique. We’ll drive to the village of Keechan, which is inhabited by a community of Jains.  Jains follow the principle of non violence. They are vegetarians, and do not eat anything they consider that has a soul or potential life. Traditionally this includes eggs and root vegetables. Root vegetables are thought to have souls because when a piece of onion, garlic or potato falls to the ground it can grow again. Aubergines are full of seeds and thus considered to have souls. Jains eat dairy products; rice, bread etc : anything that does not fall into the category. They often sleep with a mask over the mouths to avoid swallowing insects. 

In Keechan, Jains developed a special relationship with the Demoselle Crane, a large bird, with especially adapted lungs to fly high over the high Himalaya on their migration south.  Each morning the Jains feed the birds, an epic flock of around 25,000 birds that turn the sky grey.  We’ve come to witness this phenomenon.  Later we drive towards the Pakistan border and to magical Jaisalmer, with its fort towering out of the desert like something from Arabian nights. We’re staying here two nights with free time to enjoy its bazars, desert culture and striking sunsets from the citadel walls.